My Life, My Story, My Dream…

I remember asking my parents at quite a young age, probably around 8 or 9 years old, what was the purpose of us (human beings that is) being here. They did not have an answer for me and from that moment on I believe is when I started my mission to find out my purpose. I felt God put us here to do something, at the time it didn’t seem odd, but looking back, what kid asks questions like that? I knew I had a passion for helping people and figured the healthcare field would be the perfect place for me but God had another plan. Although I managed to get through school with just over the bare minimal requirements, not for lack of capability but because I wasn’t focused enough for my half assed plans. The distractions were too great and my social butterfly personality had me heading on an unknown path. Half way through high school I found motherhood was my calling as it had been for every generation of the first born daughters in my family.

I was always well taken care of as a child and felt I should be more focused so I could do the same for my child. By now I realized the many, many interests that found it’s way on my path to my purpose. Which I will say did not help, because here is the short list- interior designer, fashion designer, hairstylist, songwriter, daycare owner, party planner, marriage counselor, real estate agent, cook, author, let’s not forget nurse. Honestly the list grew to the point I had to ask myself “what don’t I want to do?”. I managed to finish school on time by way of GED. Then went on to college for Psychology, (surprised? me too). I was a thinker and was in my head more than anything and found the mind very interesting especially when I saw how people thought so differently. I have to say I did not finish but I managed to get a pretty good job working for the city of New York. In the years to come I tried college a few more times for many of the things on my list which was fun and interesting but found it frustrating to not have settled on one thing to focus on as a career. Although the job was able to pay NYC bills, I found it absolutely draining to my soul. So after the birth of my second child, 8 years after my first, decided not to return. To everybody’s surprise and disappointment of course. But it wasn’t their life it was mine.

Now in my mid 20’s and on my third son, started evaluating my life which had become a struggle for lack of better words, but I enjoyed the process God had me on. I had just about touched on almost every profession on my growing list by the end of my twenties when I realized I had a passion for helping the young unfocused girls in their teens that I once was. I wanted to open a home for the teens that found comfort in the streets and the trouble it came with, the girls in the foster care system that felt like no one loved them and the unruly teenage girls that had parents with no solution on how to help them. It was then that I found my purpose. I was relieved and internally troubled in trying to understand how all my many hobbies and love for business, would act to serve my new found mission. The answer did not come right away and to this day I am hunting down the pieces of my puzzle and how and when they will fit together. I do have a plan and I am pleased to invite you to come with me on my “God Journey”. I know it won’t be easy. I have to say my life has taught me that I am not built for the easy way but it will be fun, interesting and a learning experience if I must say so myself. I have a DREAM…and sometimes that’s all you need to start your life.

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  • October 1, 2016 at 12:38 PM

    Not many people can summarize their life journey so eloquently. I am thrilled to know you were well taken care of as a child. Along on your journey, I am able to see how the exploration of your many interests has woven together to produce an exquisite person with an exceptional perspective on the different facets of life. This blog is a partial display of that and I am so excited to enjoy it.


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