30 Day Summer Body Still in Progress…Monday – CORE STRENGTH!!!

I know Summer is already here and for all the late starters, I have something for you. First, it’s never too late to start and second, good health is very important and most appreciated when you have it the least. So let’s be proactive and prevent illness instead of cure it. There are many benefits to exercising but one of the most appreciated is to look amazing. I have decided to start a 30 day basic workout schedule and for anyone who is interested in starting one, I have included all the exercises and a brief instruction of how they need to be performed. Each day will be dedicated to a specific zone and will begin with stretches and end with a cool down. Good Luck and Get Fit!!!!…

SCHEDULE:  Monday – Core Strengthening, Tuesday– Abs, Wednesday – Upper Body, ThursdayRest Day, Friday – Butt & Thigh, Saturday – Fat burning, SundayRest Day.


Plank Hip Dips

Crunch Chop

Dead Bug

Side Crunch



Fluter Kicks

Side Plank Lifts

The Cool Down

Enjoy and Love Always…

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