No meat please…

Okay guys so I told you I was going to show you the alternative to meat products I buy now that I have made the decision to exclude meat from my meals. I find the Morning Star products are really good to try if you are just starting your vegetarian journey. There is an Italian sausage that is not pictured here because it is hard to find but it is really good and my kids love it. And actually when first introducing the “chicken” patties to the boys they didn’t even know it wasn’t meat. I found all of these products at Target but they are being carried more and more places. There is a Wholefoods Market trip in the near future that I will share with you guys. I might even vlog it. I’m anticipating an awesome selection there. I will be posting some of the meals that I used these products in.

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I also wanted to show you the types of cereal I buy now too, while we are in the kitchen, because we are definitely cereal lovers over here. I would buy about, I want to say 15 boxes but it’s probably more like 20 on a good day. That was probably the hardest thing to change about my eating habits but once I decided to make healthier eating decisions, that absolutely had to change. I don’t drink cows milk anymore either so I switched to almond milk and sometimes I will get soy milk, but I like almond milk better. Target has a really good store brand of almond milk and at a good price too because it can get pricey. Although it is not good for making the instant pudding mix I use for making banana pudding, so that is where I will buy Lactaid.

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I saved the best for last because this honey graham cereal is my FAVORITE. It taste better than Golden Grahams if you ask me.


Love Always…

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