Pretty Little Dollhouse!!!

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted a miniature doll house, with the miniature furniture, and the miniature food. I have this obsession with miniature items that I really would like to know where it came from. I think it’s amazing that somebody could make something look exactly like what I am used to seeing but in a teeny tiny version.

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Even though I did have a Barbie townhouse, it was not the same. My mother used to take me and my little sister to the hobby store where there would be all these unfinished doll houses way up high on a shelf and one finished Victorian house down where you could see inside. They had the section with the accessories that you used to finish or build your house from scratch. I used to study the catalog  with pages and pages of miniature lighting fixtures, furniture, food, people and more. This is how I remember the furniture, oh how things have changed.

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I always said I will get it one day and that is still true. But these days they have many upgrades that I am just so excited about. After all this time, and I mean I haven’t really thought about this for about 20 years, but I still want one.

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They even have modern furniture now. My mind is officially blown.


I already have so many projects going on that I really don’t see how decorating a doll house would fit in, but I’m thinking this could be something special I could do with my daughter, if one day God blessed me with the opportunity. I am just so glad to be reacquainted with the dollhouse life, it brought back a lot of memories and I am really excited to see all the new miniature things they have made. Do you see the Mac computer. So cool. I will be posting another post on the exceptional miniature items I find. I hope you enjoy and Love Always…


I Like that!!!

In my explorations on the internet I find some very, very interesting items. Most of them are things I have not seen before and wasn’t even expecting, which make them extra special. Usually I just admire them and keep it moving but now that I have you to share things with I have decided to post a blog about them. As I looked through the pictures I noticed something funny…

First, I thought these were awesome headphones made by Dolce &Gabbana and debuted in the fall ’15 runway show…

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Then I laughed when I realized this…

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I take a lot of pictures with my headphones on. I am usually listening to music the majority of the day so maybe I should invest in the blinged out version.

To keep with my Love of music, I found these treasures…

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I really want that violin, it’s absolutely beautiful especially being that is the instrument I plan on learning how to play.

These are some other amazing things I found interesting…

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I Love the unexpected and that is what I found when someone put diamonds on a wood bracelet, ring, and a jar of perfume that evidently you wear around your neck. I don’t know what my thing is with miniature items, but I always, as long as a could remember, have Loved tiny mini versions of normal sized things. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did and Love always…