Inspired Me!!!

I always have my eyes open to the world and often get inspired by the simplest of things. It’s funny that my name is Unique, because I find the most unique things interesting, or should I say they find me because I often just happen upon them like they were looking for me. I like the unexpected and finding uses for things that no one normally would use them for. I enjoy making old thing new, doing things I’ve never seen before and making normal things extraordinary and here are some jewels I found on…yup, my favorite, Pinterest. Be inspired by all that life has to offer. Enjoy and…


This is actually a bench that they were recovering but I thought it would be cool to use this technique on a dining table.


I usually dislike the animal head on the wall idea and even though I still cannot find it in myself to decorate with it, this looks beautiful.


This ceiling fan is absolutely amazing and all I could do is wonder what it looks like in motion. Perfect for a little girls room.


As soon as I laid my eyes on this photograph I pictured it blown up and framed in my house somewhere. I Love how simple and beautiful and random it is, not to mention the tree is in my FAVORITE color.


I find great joy in repurposing, especially when done well. I found this totally interesting and unexpected for a get together and Love the fact that a few more things are being kept out of the trash because of it.

006 014

This idea can bring new life to a bland or tired accessory. It doesn’t look like you need to have expert artistry skills to make something that could express the fun side of your personality. One looks painted and one looks airbrushed. I have to try this on a thrift store find.

007 008 011

This amazed me, especially knowing how expensive rugs can be and how hard it can be to find a print that works perfectly with your décor. It looks like it can be interesting and pretty easy.


This is laundry detergent in what looks like a drink dispenser. Cool isn’t it? I Love this. Now your laundry room can be ever so decorated.


This is too cute, especially in a house with children. You can have a new fridge everyday.


This shirt was, interestingly enough, made from a tablecloth. Fabric is fabric and let’s say there’s a stain that just won’t come out, or grandma passed down linens that doesn’t fit your décor, you don’t have to throw it out or keep it stored, just make something more useful from it. Once  you start to see the possibilities, you will look at everything two and three times before calling it trash and in fact, finding many ways to find them useful.

…Love Always

My Safe Place…


15 - 1WBUFHS0K

Whenever I am going through times that take me out of my comfort zone, requires me to dig deeper than my soul is used to, whenever I get to a place in life where I can’t take any more or when life gets so hard to bare all I could do is cry, my first thought is to dwell in the Love of my Lord. Holding on tight to the word he sent to guide us through those tough times. But this was not always the case. I had to learn to trust that he would be there. The first thing is to dwell and wallow in the problems or try to find a resolution for my problems, that sometimes only caused more problems. But, he has never left my side and waited patiently for me to run to Him with my issues.  I am truly thankful for the unconditional Love He is forever showering me with and I now run to that safe place in my times of trouble, knowing those troubling times are only sent my way to teach me, strengthen me, guide me, or correct me. I honestly don’t know where I would be without Him. I am truly blessed.

Everybody goes through things in life, some are harder to get over than others and I pray that you all find your way to having a relationship with the only One who can show you a way out. He made you and created you. He Loves you and cares deeply for you. Trust Him with all of your concerns because he wants to heal you from your pain and show you a way out of your troubles. I hope this helped whoever may have needed it.

15 - 1NDSK7ES9

He watches over us waiting for us to call His name. Call on His son Jesus Christ and watch what He can do. Stay blessed everybody and Love Always…


My Extra Super Thrift Haul!!!

I had a ball in NYC today thrift shopping at the Goodwill. I think it’s my favorite thrift store so far because no matter which one I go to I find awesome pieces and deals. The one I visited today was in the Chelsea area, 103 West 25th St, New York, NY 10001.


The goal was to keep my budget under $100 and here is what I was able to purchase…But first I found these shirts with the cutest sayings on them. The only thing I liked about them was the sayings or pictures so I think I would make pillows out of them, if I bought them. I think I might buy the one with the heart if it’s still there, you know how the thrift life is. If you don’t know…”get it when you see it”.

020 019 018 016 015

Here are some of the treasures that I put on the maybe list but I ended up not purchasing…

021 023 024 031

Here are the looks I actually took home all for under $100 and mostly name brand items…

039066 073

057058 029

055 056 022

051 053 028

049 050 026

I Love when I find that the tags are still on the clothes, which was the case for my Old Navy top…Which was 50% off today so it was $4

052 065 027

I know this Liz Lange top is maternity but it feels really comfortable and in an extra small you can barely even tell…

045 047 046 036

I thought I had a picture of me trying this on but I guess not. Probably because there was a line forming as I tried on nearly 20 items and could only take three items in the dressing room at a time. You should have seen the faces I was getting, but what you gonna do? I was on a mission. It is a size 8 as you can see which is not my size but it looked super cute baggy and flowing. Don’t worry I have something extra special planned  to show you  how I put these looks together. So when thrifting explore clothing that is not in your desired size, you might be surprised…

060 080

I didn’t try on the pants at the store because I found them on the way to the counter and couldn’t risk finding more amazing things to buy. They had a lot of great stuff. These Zara jeans fit like a glove and are so comfortable, and I got the yellow ones half off, so they were $3.99. Awesome right? Even though the Banana Republic trousers were super cute and a size 4, they are a little too big. So I have to exchange them and I think I will need a chaperone for this trip before I get myself in trouble. The other pair of Zara jeans are actually a dark purple. I wish I could go back and get every pair of Zara jeans they had there because they really are super comfortable and seems to have never been worn. Real quality stuff…

041 042 043 044

I found the Mossimo jeans below in the children’s department which was 50% off making them $5. shhh. If you happen to be in the smaller sizes you can explore that side of the store as well.

062 063

Let’s not forget about the accessories…These pearls are actually kind of heavy, so they feel substantial and the price of $14.99 is offset by the dainty chain I found for $2.99. You can never go wrong with a pair of pearls and these have a little bling added to them in the most perfect way…

079 078

068 069 070 067

I know the weather lately got y’all thinking that it’s hot out but my hands are always the first to get cold and I was definitely needing these today. I was so glad I ran into them while on the checkout line… actually I found them after I was finished my transaction, so this is not part of the $100 budget but definitely on my wish list. Oh yeah they match perfectly with my fox collar wool coat. You can’t beat a pair of leather gloves for $15. God was definitely showing off today…

071 072 055

I actually bought these items below from a street vendor that had a couple of cute pieces which totaled $20…

076 077 081

For your amusement only I have an epic fail to show you…this was an XL Maternity dress. It shows you that everything that looks cute on the hanger might not always be cute on, so try and stick to the thrift stores that let’s you try items on or at least exchange….

035 034

I thank you for joining me on my most awesome thrift day, too bad I can’t give you this 10% thank you I received from Goodwill but whoever wants to come with me next time should let me know in the comments below, maybe we can meet up. Another too bad is that I can’t shop for other people being that I found so many cute things that were not in my size. Hit me up if you’re looking for a personal thrift shopper. Hope you enjoyed and Love Always…


P.S. – The exact total was…drum roll please… 13 items for exactly $96.47. So that Starbucks coffee was totally in my budget, cause I really needed it. Go me.

Always Time For A Selfie (Lost Files)!

I tend to take a lot of selfies, mostly because I roll by myself a lot and I actually like having control of how the pictures will turn out. I post them on my Instagram (@yshanaquaysbeauty) and on Facebook (Yshanaquay Unique Gambrell) but I don’t post all the pics I take so I have decided to share the ones that did not make the cut, here with you guys. It’s okay to laugh and Love Always…

026 025 024 023 039 038 013 005 009 010 011

Look At The Wings On That Wingback Chair!

I will always take quality over quantity and you will find some great quality furniture in the thrift stores, as I have mentioned many times already. You will have to be able to look beyond the surface because they are definitely not pretty. I gave you some ideas with the before and after post and the dresser post, so it’s only fitting I show you what you can do with a  good old wingback chair because for some reason they made A LOT of them in the old days. I am almost sure that you will find one in any thrift store that sells furniture. I tell you what though, they work well for taking a good nap, but you can’t sleep on how beautiful the possibilities are for this chair. Enjoy and Love Always…

019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 018

The Dressed Up Dresser!

I have posted how I Love to dress up the old furniture I find in thrift stores and give it new life. If you haven’t had a chance to read that one you can go check out the post titled “Thrift Furniture Before and Afters”. In this post I will put the focus on what we can do to the dressers I see left for dead on a daily basis. Take a look at the possibilities here…and Love Always…


006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017

Beautiful aren’t they? We are only limited by our imagination. Enjoy!

Thrift Furniture Before and Afters!

When I thrift, I thrift for everything not just clothing. I enjoy, finding furniture that was well made back in the days, and giving it new life. I look for home décor items that I can repurpose or refreshen. I find that the craftsmanship of the older furniture still has a lot of years left in it due to the quality of work and materials but the appearance is very much dated. So if we can update the appearance you have a whole new piece of furniture that you can enjoy for years to come at a fraction of the price. You will need an imagination and a lot if patience it you plan on doing the work yourself but it’s worth it. Some projects will be harder than others and will require an investment in some of the equipment that may be needed like sanders, drills, or saws. Then there will be projects that will only require a can of paint. I have found some inspirational photos to share with you…

074 078 079 080 075


Below the fabric is painted. Yes really, with paint you put on the walls. Amazing right? I can’t wait to try this one out. If you do it first, let me know how it went. Love Always…

081 087 086 085084083

Coats, Coats and more Coats!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is a quote I live by while scouring these awesome thrift stores out here. But these treasures were truly a gift from God as they were donated to me, so they were indeed $free.99 and that is the best price ever. We have Zara, Banana Republic, Andrew Marc, which make this extra special. I have to say I only mention the name brands because it indicates the quality in which these items were made and worth the recycling of their lifespan. But now that the weather has broke here in NYC and we’re hitting 60 degrees, it looks like I’m set for next winter. There are a few that were intended for this weather so they came just in time. Plus I received my very first rain coat and that vest is out of my comfort zone but so cute. Can’t wait for my first rainy day. Till next time Love Always…

029 030

050 051 052 053 054 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062 063 064 065 067 069 070

A Pretty Good Thrift Day!!

I had just enough time in my schedule to pop into one of my regular thrift stores and found these awesome pair of Nine West boots that reminds me of one of my favorite pair of Gucci boots that I have my eye on…constantly. They were just sitting there waiting for me in my size, looking oh so cute. I snatched them up incredibly fast and looked around like the owner was coming back for them. That’s when you know you found a treasure, not to mention they were marked $30 but rang up $15. This was a pretty good thrift day, I must say. I also found two pairs of Steve Madden pumps that I can’t stop thinking about but decided not to get because the way my bunion surgery recovery is set up, the heel was made only for door to door service. I might go back for them though. I’ll let y’all know. Love Always…

044 045 046 047 048 049

P.S. – The holes in those, thrift store find Levi’s jeans were organically made by squatting down low one day. Yea, then the holes just grew larger and larger, and so you have it. I now refer to them as my rock star jeans. I have since seen this become a style so I guess it’s all good. Sometimes we just need to embrace the mishaps. Love Always…

New Lashes!…

As I have been getting my beauty on, I have decided to try the  fake lashes to finish the look. I ultimately wanted to get them done professionally at a lash boutique but I am still in search of one with a good track  record, being that it’s an investment at like $100+ a visit, and I would like to keep the little lashes I was born with. But I did hear they last for months. I have seen on my Youtube beauty tutorials that they just go to the drugstore and slap them on themselves. So, I tried that version first and it was not that bad actually except for the white glue that came with the ones I bought from Target. I liked that natural look and length and how easy it was to pull them off. I just have to find the right adhesive. Tell what you think.

024 012  026

Somebody please tell me what they was thinking with this white glue. I thought it was going to dry clear but it did not. Then I tried to cover it with makeup but it looked a little weird close up. I’ll try again and show y’all what I came up with. Love Always…