My Hello Kitty Obsession Is Real!!!…

Ever since I was a little school girl and bought my first Hello Kitty mechanical pencil, I was in Love. I have always Loved cats but when I saw that cute little kitty with the bow to the side, I was beyond happy. Here in NYC they had a whole store dedicated to hello kitty merchandise located in Chinatown but I have not seen anything close to what I’m about to show you here today. I am amazed and made a list of what I would like to have, starting with these…

Now I want to show you what I would decorate my daughter’s room with…


To my surprise!!!…


Then there’s WTF!!!…

But no matter what…


Enjoy and Love Always!!!…

2017’s New Year Mood Board!!!…

First let me start by saying Happy New Year!!! For those of you who noticed my absence, I took a little break to reflect on the year and plan for what’s to come. I have a lot in the works but I’m most excited about having launched my Youtube channel where I get to share even more with all of you. Videos will be posted every Friday. You can check it out here

Everyone gets excited when the clock strikes 12 on the first day of the new year with all of their resolutions and plans for the future. And it is a very exciting time to think on what the new year will bring and what goals should be set. Before planning for whatever it is you would like to have happen, I think it’s very important to take some time to reflect on the ups and downs of the year left behind in order to improve and correct. There are many goals you can concentrate on like spiritual, emotional, economical and so on and I hope everyone sets some good ones. This year I decided to take a different approach on setting my goals for 2017 and I hope it inspires you as well. I use mood boards for various ideas that are going on in my mind and wanted to see what 2017 would look like in mood board form. I first made a list of what I wanted to accomplish then I went to’s website to get started. And used for all of my photos.

I started with the background and goal foundation…

Then I start to add the goals…


I enjoyed putting this together and I hope you all were inspired in some way. I believe seeing your goals is another way to help manifest them.

Enjoy and Love Always…

My Pretty Little Kitty…

I have slight addictions to a few things but the best are these pretty little kitties I am about to share with you because they Love you back. I have always been a cat person and have had 10 cats in my life so far and the Love won’t stop. They are the cutest little things and my preferred selection for a pet although there are a few breeds of dog that made my list. Every time I see one I want to hold it and kiss it and cuddle it until we fall asleep. Yes I got it bad, so for now, instead of having baby fever it is kitty fever. I have 150 pins of cute little cats on Pinterest but here are the cutest.

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I also Love the exotic way some of them express their genes…

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I will work my hardest not to become one of these people…but no telling…

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Because they make me feel like this…


Because they do stuff like this…


Enjoy and Love Always…


Unique the Unicorn!!!!

As a child I had a unicorn poster that my mom bought me from a book fair when I was like 10 and  I would just stare at it with Love and admiration. It looked something like this…


I have always had a slight undercover obsession with unicorns. Since I was a child I identified with them, mainly because my middle name is Unique and the fact that I thought they were the most unique animal I had NEVER seen. Haha As a child I didn’t really know if they were real or not. Giving them a mystery that I feel I could identify with, being that very  few people knew who I really was. I’m pretty sure an adult or two told me they were not real but I don’t think I believed them, being that I believe in them until this day. This picture sums it up in a nutshell.


But wait there’s more…

I posted this pic on my Instagram and realized nobody would really know why I decided to post it.


But this is what they mean to me when I see them…


This might not be true for everyone so I decided to look up some cool facts about unicorns and I learned some new things about my alter ego that was veeeery interesting.

#1 – They are commonly described as an extremely wild woodland creature, a symbol of purity and grace. It’s horn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness.

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#2 – The unicorn has been a part of the Royal Seal of Scotland since the 1300’s.

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#3 – Unicorn is a term in finance which denotes a start-up company whose valuation has exceeded $1 billion.

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#4 – In the urban dictionary a unicorn means a bi-sexual person who is willing to join an existing couple, often with the presumption that this person will date and become sexually involved with both members of that couple, and not demand anything or do anything which might cause problems or inconvenience to that couple. This term is most likely used as a reminder that this type of women is mythical and not likely to be found. (You heard that guys!)

#5 – They are said to have magical powers.

I Love them so much  I have decided to get a tattoo of one in the future. But as I searched for unicorn tattoos I have found the craaaaziest things like…

jyhgtfiUnicorn-Tupac kuygik

But why?…Sorry Tupac…I really don’t know….

The mean looking ones…

unicorn_tattoo_6 hgfuyf

The sweetest one so far…


I found some that should never be done to a unicorn…like never ever. Made me a lil sad.

jyhfr hmjguyl - Copy

Here are some that I liked…

Purple-Unicorn Unicorn-Tattoos-124 jhnkgtguli

But these are my favorite unicorn quotes so far…

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But always know…


And never forget…


Enjoy and Love Always…

Pretty Little Dollhouse!!!

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted a miniature doll house, with the miniature furniture, and the miniature food. I have this obsession with miniature items that I really would like to know where it came from. I think it’s amazing that somebody could make something look exactly like what I am used to seeing but in a teeny tiny version.

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Even though I did have a Barbie townhouse, it was not the same. My mother used to take me and my little sister to the hobby store where there would be all these unfinished doll houses way up high on a shelf and one finished Victorian house down where you could see inside. They had the section with the accessories that you used to finish or build your house from scratch. I used to study the catalog  with pages and pages of miniature lighting fixtures, furniture, food, people and more. This is how I remember the furniture, oh how things have changed.

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I always said I will get it one day and that is still true. But these days they have many upgrades that I am just so excited about. After all this time, and I mean I haven’t really thought about this for about 20 years, but I still want one.

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They even have modern furniture now. My mind is officially blown.


I already have so many projects going on that I really don’t see how decorating a doll house would fit in, but I’m thinking this could be something special I could do with my daughter, if one day God blessed me with the opportunity. I am just so glad to be reacquainted with the dollhouse life, it brought back a lot of memories and I am really excited to see all the new miniature things they have made. Do you see the Mac computer. So cool. I will be posting another post on the exceptional miniature items I find. I hope you enjoy and Love Always…


I Like that!!!

In my explorations on the internet I find some very, very interesting items. Most of them are things I have not seen before and wasn’t even expecting, which make them extra special. Usually I just admire them and keep it moving but now that I have you to share things with I have decided to post a blog about them. As I looked through the pictures I noticed something funny…

First, I thought these were awesome headphones made by Dolce &Gabbana and debuted in the fall ’15 runway show…

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Then I laughed when I realized this…

011 021 023 - Copy 023 071 073 1794715_215958525264079_1731311755_n IMG_1297

I take a lot of pictures with my headphones on. I am usually listening to music the majority of the day so maybe I should invest in the blinged out version.

To keep with my Love of music, I found these treasures…

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I really want that violin, it’s absolutely beautiful especially being that is the instrument I plan on learning how to play.

These are some other amazing things I found interesting…

10475195_261317977387946_623689657_n 10632489_628234390627248_1749355339_n 10665556_1464141133864578_1252943755_n 10683970_447793695359049_171676357_n tumblr_nnblx7HxNX1r1thfzo5_r1_400

I Love the unexpected and that is what I found when someone put diamonds on a wood bracelet, ring, and a jar of perfume that evidently you wear around your neck. I don’t know what my thing is with miniature items, but I always, as long as a could remember, have Loved tiny mini versions of normal sized things. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did and Love always…

That’s Me!!!

I spend a lot of time on the internet searching, exploring, and researching many, many things and topics. Every so often I will Google my name just to see what will come up and if anyone else has this very unique name. My last search turned up the normal list of my many social networks and old addresses (which is kind of creepy) but what are you going to do? Except this last time I found something very interesting and I wanted to share this with you guys.

The Name Meaning Yshanaquay Gambrell and Origin

Numerology meaning for the name Yshanaquay Gambrell

The life path number of Yshanaquay Gambrell is 4. With the life path number 4 you are a hard-working person who is particularly likely to be successful in service occupations. The key word in your life is reliability. One could call you the backbone of a family, group or company. You are a builder who brings people together to achieve larger goals and projects. High accuracy and precision in the execution characterize the performance of your duties. You want to plan and think everything through beforehand. This can also be expressed in a tendency to being conservative. People of this life path live by the maxim: work first, fun later! Another guiding principle of your life could be: No pain, no gain! Having the will to work hard you also know that only hard work can bring success. You love righteousness and are willing to fight for it for yourself and even for others if need be. Being among the quieter people you do not show emotions easily. You are more introverted than extroverted. But if somebody has won you as a friend then they are golden, because you are very loyal. Friendship is a life time commitment to you. With friends you are very straight out, open and honest. Therefore people always know exactly what you mean when you say something. The predominant feature of your life is doing as opposed to being. This is also reflected in your spare time: you always have to do something, always tinkering or working while others bask in the sun and do nothing. Since you are a reliable and accurate working person, you can run the risk of no longer seeing the big picture, because you are too focused on the details. You can get lost in details so that you no longer see the forest in the trees. On such occasions, you’re wasting time. Even though you work hard, you create relatively little. If you feel offended or are very tired, it can happen that you lack any sense of humor. Being a very open person can at time be seen as an indiscretion. Every now and then you should analyze whether you are stubborn because you are really in the right or that you just want to have right. One can have two opinions about some things without breaking friendships over it!

First name Yshanaquay letters meaning

  • Each letter found in a name is believed to have it’s own meaning in Astrology. Here is a list of letter meanings for the name Yshanaquay


  • YSHANQU (letter Y meaning in this name)
  • You are freedom loving and like to break rules and push the envelope. Your ambition and courage make you naturally independent, even though you come across as reserved. You are stylish. Be careful not to be too slow in making decisions, trust your natural gift of intuition!
  • Positive: Dislikes restraint. Intellectual. Aesthetic. Independent. Pioneering. Enterprising.
    Negative: Indecisive.


  • YSHANQU (letter S meaning in this name)
  • You are a real charmer. Your warmth and devotion can lead you towards strong feelings and overly dramatic reactions. Try not to be too emotional when making big decisions. Sometimes it’s better to just wait five minutes beforehand.
  • Positive: Strong feelings. Starter. Magnetic. Attracts money. Energetic.
    Negative: Impulsive.


  • YSHANQU (letter H meaning in this name)
  • Being a visionary you tend to amass great wealth but also lose it fast. In the long run you will probably be fine. Your creativity will serve you well. You think from the gut and might prefer to be alone. Fight any doubts you might have about yourself and spend plenty of time outdoors!
  • Positive: Successful. A natural money maker. Business acumen. Nature lover. Self-contained.
    Negative: Self-absorbed.


  • YSHANQU (letter A meaning in this name)
  • You are your an independent person: ambitious and freethinking. You do not crumble under pressure, you always stay true to yourself. Being a natural leader, you love being in charge and need to have a goal or purpose. You have courage, but make sure you’re also flexible and take other people’s ideas to heart.
  • Positive: Leader. Confident. Adventurous. Determined. Enterprising. Courageous.
    Negative: Arrogant.


  • YSHANQU (letter N meaning in this name)
  • Having creative and unique ideas you tend to think outside of the box. You have a strong will with opinions to match it. You like to have an overview of your life which can result in writin journals. You build your life in a systematic way and could have your fair share of romantic relations.
  • Positive: Intuitive. Certain. Writer. Spokesperson. Communicator. Imaginative.
    Negative: Covetous.


  • YSHANQU (letter Q meaning in this name)
  • Money comes easy, but with your instability it can also leave easily. Leadership and persuading others is very natural to you. It can take time for you to come out of your shell and open up. People are intrigued by you and tend gossip about you. Luckily, you speak your mind and you speak it eloquently.
  • Positive: Resolute. Energetic. Original. Intense. Natural leader. Enigmatic.
    Negative: Boring.


  • YSHANQU (letter U meaning in this name)
  • You have a give and take kind of life. You might gain a lot, only to lose it, but will always break even. Teach yourself to think faster on your feet and then commit wholeheartedly to whatever project you’re involved with. Tap into your instinct and creativity, as well as your impeccable sense of timing and luck! Also, you are naturally predisposed to be glamorous play it up!
  • Positive: Clever. Collector. Freedom loving. Good social reputation. Creative.
    Negative: Indecisive.

I have to say this was so on point that it shocked me a little bit. They figured me out all by the meaning of the letters in my name. So if you would like to see how on point this site is with your personality you can go to Enjoy and Love Always…

Reason for the M.I.A…

I want to start off by apologizing for my absence. I have indeed been Missing In Action and I want y’all to know that I have been missing you over here. I want to update you on everything that I have been up to since my last post. So, first off, I have started school as of March 30th and have to say as much as I Love it the work load has some getting used to. I go to a private college in NYC for nursing and the first three classes that I am taking are Medical Terminology, Principles of Information Literacy and a Freshman Seminar class. I was most intimidated by the medical terminology class but it has since proven to be the easiest. I am in class three times a week.


This would not be real medical terminology but it was funny…


I am going to share a little bit of what I learned starting with medical terminology. The first thing I found interesting is that medical words are derived from either Greek or Latin origin. So, technically I am learning a whole new language. The second is they break those long, hard medical words like “subcutaneous” into word parts (prefix/word root/suffix) so each part has a meaning and corresponds accordingly to each other. This makes remembering the definition much easier for instance: sub/cutane/ous is broken down like this: sub means under, cutane means skin, and -ous means pertaining to, so subcutaneous means pertaining to under the skin. I thought that was so cool and a much easier concept to wrap my mind around.


Then there is Information Literacy where we are taught how to gather information, where to find it, and how to put it together on a college and professional level. The assignment so far was to type a draft for a research paper in APA format, which to be honest with you, I had no idea what that meant so I am finding a lot of things interesting about this class. I am sure this will help a bunch in future classes that will be requiring papers, which is in fact why they designed this class.

Freshman seminar sounds like a pretty easy class doesn’t it but it is requiring the most reading and I thought it would be such an easy class that I forgot to do the first assignment. Not proud of that but I totally forgot that there was even an assignment to be done. I will make sure that never happens again, especially since she is not accepting make up work. I found that some of the information in the book is helping me organize my life, how priceless is that? Did I mention that I have to graduate with no less that a B-. Oh the pressure. But wait we have more…

I have finally put together my account along with a video that you can view  for my Fashion Show/Pop-Up Shop Event. If you would like further details on that you can visit

And I have also been paying attention to my music hobby by practicing some material I wrote, video to come.

10565273_317958858397378_7046965778774656586_n 043

I Love sharing my life with you and promise to do better as I get a handle on my ever so changing schedule. Love Always…