30 Day Challenge Workout Program!!!…

If you have been following my Summer Body Workout Program, you know that it has ended. If not you can start here. But the work does not stop, it’s a lifestyle and even after you gain your desired results, you must maintain it. I believe if anything gets repetitive it can become boring and then you might stop doing it, so we will keep this fitness lifestyle interesting. I have put together a collection of challenges to target specific areas of the body…and be ready because there are no rest days!!!…

Thigh Slimming Challenge

Complete the number of reps of each exercise listed every day to sculpt your slim thighs by day 30!

Sleek Arms Challenge

Complete the number of reps of each exercise listed every day to sculpt your sleek arms by day 30!

Butt Lift Challenge

Complete the number of reps of each exercise listed every day to earn your hot booty by day 30!

Flat Abs Challenge

Complete the number of reps of each exercise listed every day to earn your flat abs by day 30! Also drink the minimum number of water cups every day to keep from being bloated.

Enjoy and Love Always…

The Benefits of Fasting…

I have practiced the act of fasting for some years now and have always found it very beneficial spiritually. And although I don’t tend to use it as a weight loss tool, I knew and have seen that it can be effective for that as well. Well, this time I am using it as part of my summer body goal weight loss program (go here) and decided to check out what other health benefits it may have and was very surprised to find it’s more beneficial than I could have imagined. Here are just some of what I found. I hope it helps you like it helped me…

  • Fasting refers to refraining from either food, drink, or both at your own will for a definite span of time. It could be done partially for some particular type of food or as total abstention, in which no food or liquid is consumed for a day or a few days.


  • Intermittent fasting allows the body to use fat as it’s primary source of energy instead of sugar. Many athletes now use fasting as means to hitting low body fat percentages for competitions.


  • Fasting has shown to have a positive effect on insulin sensitivity, allowing you to tolerate carbohydrates (sugar) better than if you didn’t fast. A study showed that after periods of fasting, insulin becomes more effective in telling cells to take up glucose from blood.


  • Intermittent fasting gives your digestive system a rest, and this can energise your metabolism to burn through calories more efficiently.


  • Think of fasting as a reset button: the longer you fast, the more your body can regulate itself to release the correct hormones, so that you can experience what real hunger is. Not to mention, when your hormones are working correctly, you get full quicker.


  • Fasting has shown to improve brain function, because it boosts the production of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF.)
    BDNF activates brain stem cells to convert into new neurons, and triggers numerous other chemicals that promote neural health. This protein also protects your brain cells from changes associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


  • Intermittent fasting improves the immune system because it reduces free radical damage, regulates inflammatory conditions in the body and starves off cancer cell formation.


  • Fasting has helped many people feel more connected to life during the practices reading, meditation, yoga and martial arts etc. With no food in the digestive system, this makes room for more energy in the body – the digestive is one of the most energy absorbing systems in the body. Fasting for self-enlightenment, allows us to feel better both consciously and physically. With a lighter body and a clearer mind we become more aware and grateful for the things around us. (My Fav!!!)


  • Fasting can help clear the skin because with the body temporarily freed from digestion, it’s able to focus its regenerative energies on other systems.


  • These are just some, if you would like to check out the entire article you can go to lifehack.org


Some more interesting sites you might want to check out are listed below…


I found 11 Impressive Benefits Of Fasting that proved to be very interesting at organicfacts.net

Enjoy and Love Always…

Juice Fast For A Week…30 Day Summer Body Program!!!

I have been doing the 30 Day Summer Body Workout for two weeks now and feel I should share the liquid fast I am about to supplement the workout with. If you want to know more about the workout, day 1 starts here. Fasting has many benefits but the one I see as being the most beneficial is the discipline it requires of you. You may be like me and be in a habit of eating what you want when you want. Although I am not necessarily trying to loose a bunch of weight, I would like to see the muscle tone I am working for. Seeing this muscle tone would require loosing some of the fat and I thought that this would be the best way for me. Even though the title says fasting for a week that is not totally true because we gradually reintroduce food by the end of the week. You should consult your physician before starting any fast just to be safe. I see a lot of juices and smoothie recipes that I want to try and this week will be the best time to try them…

The schedule…

Monday and Tuesday

Water Fast – Day & Night

Wednesday and Thursday

Smoothie for Breakfast

Veggie Juice for Lunch and Dinner

Friday and Saturday

Smoothie for Breakfast

Veggie Juice for Lunch

Salad for Dinner


Veggie Juice for Breakfast

Salad for Lunch

Meal for Dinner

Here are some ideas you can try…


I will be sharing what I choose to drink during this week on my Instagram page. You can check it out here.

Enjoy and Love Always…


There’s So Much More To Water…

It’s very important to get plenty of water, especially in these Summer months and especially when working out. If you haven’t been following my 30 day summer workout program, you should check it out here. But if you are then you know I tell you that drinking water is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it can get a little boring, but there are always ways to spice it up and make it not only more interesting but add health benefits with detoxifying ingredients…

I found this one and wanted to try it out because it was pretty…

But I modified it…

This is the outcome after fusing in the refrigerator overnight… (and yes that is the Fat Burning Exercise on the screen in the background, you can find it here)

Added lemons…

Added cucumbers…

Added mint…

Added apprx. 1 cup cut fresh cherries…

Put in fridge…

There are all kinds of infused and detox waters you can create. The possibilities are endless and it’s refreshing and healthy…


Enjoy and Love Always…

30 Day Summer Body Still In Progress…Sunday – REST DAY!!!

Hey guys I’m so proud of you for making it through this week. 1 week down, 3 to go. But for today it is a rest day!!! If you feel that a rest day is not needed you can do a double day of Fat Burning Exercises found here. If you need to start from Day 1, go here. I want to share some of what I have been eating for this week and give you some ideas that spark your healthy eating lifestyle. I am a vegetarian and use meat substitute products but these recipes can be made with meat. If you are interested in going vegetarian, pescatarian (no meat, just fish) , or vegan, I have some recipes you might want to try here, here, and here.


First I want to say that I drink one of these spinach and fruit drinks everyday for or with breakfast…

Spicy omelet with kale (that I buy in bulk at Costco and freeze), tomato, onion, and habanero pepper…

Good ole Cheerios but better cause it’s strawberry flavor. I haven’t had Cheerios in so long but these are delicious…


Oatmeal and toast…



Spicy tuna sandwich and chips…


Spinach, onion, and mushroom quesadilla… (one of my favs)

Asian style spinach salad with shrimp, and cranberries…


Sautéed squash, zucchini, and onions…

Spicy sautéed cabbage and talapia…

Sesame garlic chicken with brown rice and sautéed green beens…

Don’t forget…plenty of water.

Enjoy and Love always…

30 Day Summer Body Still In Progress…Saturday – FAT BURNING!!!

With all that we have done this week it would be a shame not to see our progress. This is why today is dedicated to shedding the layer of fat that covers our new muscles. If you just happened upon this program today and want to start from the beginning go here. Always remember a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of water is part of the equation to success. LET’S GET IT!!!…

The Warm Up

The Workout

Push Ups



Reverse Crunch



Enjoy and Love Always…

30 Day Summer Body Still In Progress…Friday – ARMS!!!

Okay so it’s TGIF but it’s also Arm Day in our 30 day summer body workout plan. We will tackle biceps, triceps, and deltoids. If you missed day one, you can go here. And like always, don’t forget a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of water is also the key to the results you desire. Let’s go…




Cross Chest Curl

Tricep Push Up

Front Back Punch

Hammer Curls

Triceps Kickback

Overhead Circles

Squat Curl

Single Leg Tricep Dips

Reverse Lunge Press

Enjoy and Love Always…

30 Day Summer Body Still In Progress…Thursday – REST DAY!!!

Hey I don’t know if you are as happy as I am about this rest day cause I feel everything, everywhere, all the time. HA HA! But while we give our muscles a chance to heal and strengthen I want to share how some of these exercises is working for us. I think it will help if we visualize the muscles growing while we are doing the exercise. Don’t forget a balanced, healthy diet and lots of water are just as important. And if you want to know where it all started go here.

Sumo Squats

Side Lunge

Back Leg Lift


Russian Twist

Flutter Kick


Side Plank

Side Plank Dips

Tricep Kickback

Hamstring Curls

Dumbbell Side Bend

Alternate Heel Touch

Reverse Crunch

Bicycle Crunches

Step Up With Knee Raise

Enjoy and Love Always…

30 Day Summer Body Still In Progress…Wednesday – BUTT & THIGHS!!!

Wednesday is known as hump day and today for more than one reason this will be true because we are on the 3rd day of our 30 day Summer body transformation and it is Butt and Thigh day. I hope you are as excited as I am about this. Everybody wants a good looking rear end and here’s how you get it. Don’t forget a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of water. If you missed Day 1 catch up here. Let’s Get It!!!…


The Workout Summary

High Knee

Back Leg Lifts

Romanian Dead Lift

Side Lunge

Hamstring Curls

Front and Back Lunges

Quick Feet

Sumo Squats


Step Up with Knee Raise

Enjoy and Love Always…

30 Day Summer Body Still In Progress…Tuesday – ABS!!!

Your perfect body will always be a work in progress but today we are in day 2 of our 30 day Summer body goal. If you missed day 1 you can check it out here. Don’t forget that a balanced diet and lots of water is also important in receiving your desired results. Tuesday is Ab day and we will be bikini ready in no time…



Russian Twist

Dead Bug

Bicycle Crunches

Alternate Heel Touch


Side Plank

Reverse Crunches

Back Extensions

Seated Knee Tucks

Bird Dogs

The Cool down

Enjoy and Love Always…